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What is this site about ?

This site is about hiking and travelling with GPS. As I travelled around I always prepared myself by searching the internet, looking for hiking opportunities with trail description, GPS files, how to get there and if necessary where to stay. Most of the time the search did not satisfy my needs. Then I realised if I would not share my experiences, why would somebody else. That's how WorldWideTrails.org was born!


What information can I expect ?

You will find here country information currency exchange rates, banking hours, weather forecasts, high and low points, languages spoken etc. Next to that you will find the information on trails that I hiked, the national parks that I visited or the points of interest I thought were well worth sharing. This information comes with photos, leaflets, maps and GPS data. Where my knowledge allows I will give names of flowers, birds and other species that are likely to be met and pictures of them when I spotted them. You can download everything for your convenience for free.
How can I use the GPS data ?

Even if you don't have GPS equipment, you can download aerial pictures with the trails marked so you can better prepare yourself. However the complete value comes when you have a GPS receiver (f.i. Magellan or Garmin). In the upper menu you find an option called GPS with a sub-option GPS hard- and software. Here you find freeware and a PDF with Q&As on how to use the files that come with the trails.

Can I get a copy of the original photos ?

If you would be interested in using a copy of the original photos you can contact me by mail. Right click the picture you are interested in and choose ‘save as’. Now you will see the picture name as it is registered in my database. Please mention that name in your email request. Most of the pictures are available in large size, RAW format and unprocessed. However depending on the use I will charge for that a minor amount.

Can I share my information ?

If you would be interested to share information with me and my visitors (like you), contact me directly or use the message board. If you would be interested to maintain a certain area of the world, your state or your favourite park you would be most welcome to do so. Any feedback is also appreciated very much.

Hedzer – Webmaster
See you in the outdoor

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The Winner of the 2007 outdoor photograph contest

After six months of reviewing over 2300 photos submitted from over 100 home countries depicting places of interest, parks, cities and trails in 145 different countries, (See Googlemaps for all pictures) World Wide Trails (WWT) announced John R. Toliver´s photo "Aspen and My Best Friend" is entitled to wear the name best Outdoor Photograph 2007.
After a public on-line vote, a WWT jury unanimously selected John´s photo of a cyclist and her dog riding through a stand of fall colored aspen along Boreas Pass Road in southern Colorado, stating: "The composition from left to right taking you into the picture, the autumn light captured by the leaves and white tree trunks and most of all the biker with her dog giving you that real outdoor feeling. Without a doubt the best picture in the contest..."

(see also John´s new webblog)

John with his prize : a Garmin GPSMAP 60Cx handheld GPS
with color display and expandable memory
(retail ca 500 US$)

John, who considers himself a semi-professional photographer, combines his life-long love of natural resources and the outdoors with an equal love of photography. He recently retired as Deputy Station Director of the U.S. Forest Service´s Rocky Mountain Research Station, headquartered in Fort Collins. John´s entire life has been focused on forests, natural resources and the landscapes and life in and around them.
As a past Professor of Forestry at Louisiana State University, a Forest Service research scientist and most recently a leader and manager of the Research Station, he has lived, traveled and photographed across the U.S. and the world. He attributes his love of the outdoors and photography to his early days growing up in Southern Illinois and as a Boy Scout hiking, camping and fishing every chance he got. His first camera was a Kodak Brownie Hawkeye. Today he is rarely outside without a digital camera in his hand.
John says: "The jury´s comment was everything I wanted to hear them say. My goal in taking a photograph is to capture what I see and feel when I take the shot. When someone states the photo does this, then I know I have been successful in capturing my love of the outdoors for others who aren´t there to see what I see." John´s photograph and many others from around the world can be observed online in the "archive" in the top menu under "Outdoor Photocontest 2007".

See the winning picture

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Patagonia Screensaver

The Patagonia screen saver that was last years present for all the photo contestors in the 2007 outdoor photograph contest is now available to everybody for free. Many visitors have requested how to get a copy of this screen saver and for this reason I decided to put it for free on the website so many more people can enjoy the boundless beauty of the Patagonian nature. See the main menu on the top of this page under "Archive".

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Nightmare trail on video

Watch one of the scariest 'trails' in the world. This man takes a camera and watches his steps !!

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The WorldWideTrails went with their backpacks filled with hiking gear and photo equipment to one of the most untouched areas of the world. The south as you can get to the mainland, Patagonia! This unspoiled southern part of Chile and Argentina is dotted with vulcanos, glaciers and phantasy shaped mountains. Indian names like Huerquehue mixes with spanish labels like Torres del paine. The blue icebergs floating in glaciermilk filled lakes appeals to everyone that loves the out door. Read more >>

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