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updated: 14/5/2005
GPS TrackMaker version 12.0
Price indication : Freeware version :
platform :  Windows XP
 Windows 98
 Windows NT
 Windows ME
 Windows 2000
compatible with :  Garmin

Download here

Most complete free program for GPS devices compatible with more than 160 GPS models (Garmin, Magellan, Lowrance, Eagle, MRL, Brunton and others). Easily create your own maps and support for vectorial maps and images. Multi-Language and completely free. No Adware or spyware.

- Creates, edits and deletes Tracklogs, Routes and Waypoints - Database with more than 280 different datums - The data can be stored in TXT , GTM and other formats - Calculates length, instantaneous and average speeds in tracklogs - Zoom in and Zoom out function - Moves the whole drawn map, only with the right button of the mouse - Shows on screen: the Waypoint name, comment or a comment in text box - Makes possible to change the background color, grad lines and Waypoints - Total navigation on the map image ! - Makes possible to insert several scanned map images in the background - True-Grid mode - Recognizes PCX5, Waypoint+, MapInfo®, ArcView®, and other formats. - Real Time Navigation function - Shows and Prints more than 190 different colored icons - Print in Scale - NMEA0183 Protocol for Real Time Navigation with others GPS models - Option of Name, Style and Color for Tracklogs - Catalog function that registers all the inserted images in GTM files - Autoload function of automatic loading of map images at Real Time Navigation (RTN) - Option to choose name, style and color of Tracklogs

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