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updated: 23/5/2005
EasGPS98 version 1.3.7
Price indication : Freeware version :
platform :  Windows XP
 Windows 98
 Windows NT
 Windows ME
 Windows 2000
compatible with :  Garmin

Download here

Microsoft has announced the end of support for Windows 98 and Windows ME. Windows 98 and Windows ME will no longer be supported by Microsoft after July 11, 2006.

EasyGPS 1.3.7 will be the last release of EasyGPS for Windows 98, ME, and NT. EasyGPS 2.0 relies on new Microsoft technologies (GDI+ for graphics, MSXML 3.0 for GPX support, Unicode for international language support), and despite the efforts to keep EasyGPS compatible with older versions of Windows, several serious issues have been discovered that cause data loss and printing errors on Windows 98. Topografix has not been able to solve these issues, and they are severely hindered by the lack of a stable Windows 98 debugging environment.
TopoGrafix cannot and wil not knowingly distribute a program with these errors, so they have removed the Windows 98/ME version of EasyGPS 2.0.

If you are running EasyGPS 2.0 on Windows 98, ME, or NT, you should uninstall it and reinstall EasyGPS 1.3.7.

EasyGPS 1.3.7 is offered "as-is". TopoGrafix is not able to provide bug fixes or add support for new GPS receivers. They will continue to answer "how-to?" questions about EasyGPS 1.3.7 until July 11, 2006. After that time, EasyGPS 1.3.7 will no longer be available on their Web site, and support will only be available for EasyGPS 2.x for Windows 2000, Windows XP, and the upcoming Windows Vista operating systems.

If you are not planning to upgrade to Windows XP, you should download the EasyGPS 1.3.7 installer and make a backup copy in case you need to reinstall or format your hard drive in the future. Or you can return to www.WorldWideTrails.org.

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