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Brazil - traveler photos - travel guide
flag of Brazil
Area : 8456510  km2
Capital : Brasilia
Lowest point : Atlantic Ocean 0 m
Highest point : Pico da Neblina 3,014 m
Currency : real  (BRL)
World Heritage: 17 places
National Parcs : 52

Etnic groups :white (includes Portuguese, German, Italian, Spanish, Polish) 55%, mixed white and black 38%, black 6%, other (includes Japanese, Arab, Amerindian) 1%

Religions :Roman Catholic (nominal) 80%

Languages :Portuguese (official), Spanish, English, French

Chapada Diamantina

The WorldWideTrails took a short break in July, but off cause not without their hiking stuff and went to Brazil. Diamonds were there goal and diamonds they found. Precious little spots on this earth that has amazing sights. Some 450 km west of Salvador in the center of the state of Bahia is a beautiful colonial town called Lençois, which is the gateway to the National Park Chapada Diamantina (Diamond Highlands). This ancient diamond trader’s center in the middle of the Sertão served as base camp to explore the gems of the region. See special >>

Chapada Diamantina

Climate Brazil

mostly tropical, but temperate in south

Weather today: 30-11-2023
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Banking hours

Normal banking hours are from 10:00 a.m. until 4:00 p.m., Monday through Friday and most Brazilian cities of any size have at least one full service branch office of, at least, Banco do Brasil (Bank of Brazil).

Credit cards

Credit cards are generaly accepted in Brazil, with Visa as leading card.

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